Cremation Services

Our Cremation Service can accommodate those that preferred Direct Cremation or Packaged Cremation Plan. 

Direct or Package Cremation Packages include:

  1. Services of Cremation Director and Staff

  2. Transfer of Remains to Crematory

  3. Cremation Casket or ECS Coffin

  4. Processing of Documents (e.g. Death Certificate, Cremation Permit)

  5. Cremation Process

  6. Free Urn

Combination Packages:

  1. Inclusion of the above Cremation Package

  2. Free Presentation Casket, plus

  • Funeral Service / Cremation

  • Cremation / Wake, or

  • Viewing or Funeral / Cremation / Wake

Bone Cremation

Bone Cremation is ideal for those that desire to eleviate land space, desire to end the high rental costs of burial plots, and/or wish to travel or return their loved one back to their home environment in an elegant urn. Bone Cremation also includes local retrieval by our staff and processing of required documents and permits.